Games with an futuristic twist

Local Multiplayer

Best way of socializing is by heading a challenge together! Local multiplayers are the best portals for communication

Neurosky & Muse headset

Using your mind to controll a game is an amazing and fun way for teaching self-awareness and self controll.

Leap motion

Controlling a game with your hand, fingertips and handgestures. A handfree experience


Fresh portfolio of designs that will keep you wanting more.


Kinect supported rehabilitation game

DJ Fiero

Kinect supported dance game

Pong Multiplayer

Multiplayer game

Jogo Jogo Circus animals

Mobile and TV-OS children game


Multiplayer Leap motion game

"Chanisco has programmed and produced with the just released AppleTV in a very short time. He also was an amazing help with the communication with Xcode and the Appstore. His enthusiastic working-attitude and knowledge was a huge asset for the team"

"Chanisco has shown he's eager to learn and determined to finish a project as perfect as possible. Chanisco is very cohere and fits in groups very easily."

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Westland 17
Purmerend, The Netherlands